HiSIM Research Center

HiSIM Model Research History

2015 July

Release of the compact model coalition (CMC) model standard Diode_CMC 2.0.0, which includes the reverse-recovery equations of HiSIM-Diode and was developed by the HiSIM Research Center.

2014 Dec.

Standardization of HiSIM-SOTB and release of HiSIM-SOTB 1.0.0 as 1st standard version.

2012 July

Standardization of HiSIM-SOI and release of HiSIM-SOI 1.0.0 as 1st standard version.

2011 Apr.

Standardization of HiSIM2 and release of HiSIM251 as 1st standard version  
2010 Jan. Release of 1st version of HiSIM-IGBT
2007‐2009 Collaboration research with STARC for development of HiSIM3 (layout dependency including model) 
2008 Dec. Compact Modeling Council standardization of HiSIM_HV 
2007 July Release of HiSIM240
Release of HiSIM‐LDMOS100 (High-voltage MOSFET model) 
2003 Oct.
Release of HiSIM200 model, launching an international industry standard certification
2002‐2006  Collaborative research with STARC for development of HiSIM2 (RF analog MOSFEL model) 
2001 Oct. Release of 1st HiSIM model version 


Start of collaboration research between the Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center (STARC) and the laboratory of Prof. Michiko Miura-Mattausch. Creation of name HiSIM for the developed compact surface potential model of ultra-small MOS transistor.