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2015, February New Spice Model Standards for Fully Depleted SOI MOSFET Technologies ( Business Wire ) (EN)
2012, August Transistor Model HiSIM, Third Standard Model for SOI ( Nikkei Tech-On ) (JP)
Hiroshima University's SOI Transistor Model - International Standard ( Chugoku Newspaper ) (JP)
Transistor model for circuit design - International standard in addition to practical realization ( Japanese Industrial Newspaper ) (JP)
2011. April First CMC Standard version of HiSIM2 (STARC-news release) (JP)
2010. May  Collaborative research with Toyota: Development of eco-car (Cugoku Newspaper)(JP)
Collaborative research with Toyota: Circuit model for improvement of fuel efficiency (Yomiuri Newspaper)(JP)
News briefing: First Surface-Potential-Based IGBT Model for Circuit Simulation (Hiroshima University)(JP)
2009. November  HiSIM Research Center received Chugoku Cultural Award (Chugoku Newspaper) (JP) 
2008. July  HiSIM-LDMOS: CMC standard model (Nikkei Tech-On) (JP)
2008. March  Standard Model HiSIM-LDMOS renamed to HiSIM_HV (Nikkei Tech-On) (JP)
Keywords: HiSIM (Nikkei MICRODEVICES) (JP)
Transistor Model as International Standard (Niikei Electronics Asia)(EN)
Prof. Miura-Mattausch published "THE PHYSICS AND MODELING OF MOSFETS, Surface-Potential Model HiSIM" (World Scientific Publishing Co. ) (EN) 
2007.    STARC and Simucad to Add HiSIM Model to Enhance Prototype Shuttle Service (SYS-CON MEDIA)(EN)
HiSIM LDMOS Surface Potential-Based LDMOS Compact Model(SIMUCAD)(EN)
2007. March  FineSim SPICE supports HiSIM model MAGMA) (JP)
HiSIM goal for International standard (Nikkei Tech-On)(JP)
2007. January Ansoft supports HiSIM (Nikkei Tech-On) (JP) 
2005. May  Ivan Pesic (President of Silvaco) assesses the importance of HiSIM (Nikkei Tech-On)(JP)
2005. April 
Silvaco completes the support of HiSIM-RF surface potential model (SILVACO) (JP)
Silvaco and Hiroshima University connect HiSIM-RF model to SPICE (NIkkei Tech-On) (JP)
HiSIM-RF Surface Potential Model Ready for CMC Standardization(SILVACO)(EN)