HiSIM Research Center

HiSIM: Hiroshima-University STARC IGFET Model

HiSIM refers to a family of compact models for integrated devices with a MOSFET core. The HiSIM models are based on a complete surface potential description. 

Overview of the HiSIM Compact Model Family

Four members of the HiSIM family have been selected as international industry standards by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC).
HiSIM-HV  (1st standard-version release in January 2009) : High-Voltage MOS-Device Model Standard
HiSIM2 (1st standard-version release in April 2011) : 2nd Generation MOSFET Model Standard
HiSIM-SOI  (1st standard-version release in July 2012) :  Surface-Potential SOI-MOSFET Model Standard
HiSIM-SOTB  (1st standard-version release in December 2014) :  Surface-Potential-Based Model Standard for SOI-MOSFET with Thin Silicon and BOX Layers as well as Multi-Gate MOSFETs
What's New
2017/10/5  Offer for Assistant Professor (Tenure Track, Female Researcher, Application deadline: Oct. 31, 2017) is posted.

2016/11/16 Offer for Post-Doctoral Research Position (Application deadline: Jan. 31, 2017) is posted.

2015/09/12 Diode_CMC 2.0.0 implementing the reverse-recovery model equations of the HiSIM Research Center is released.
2014/12/20 First CMC Standard version of HiSIM-SOTB (HiSIM_SOTB1.0.0) is released.
2014/05/31 HiSIM-SOTB selection process as new CMC standard model complete.
2013/07/01 New member: Fengwei An's profile is posted.
2013/04/09 Establishment of the HiSIM Consortium (For promoting practical usage of the HiSIM models for power devices).
2012/07/25 First CMC Standard version of HiSIM-SOI (HiSIM_SOI1.0.0) is released.
2012/04/04 New member: Takahiro Iizuka's profile is posted.
2012/03/16 New member: Tapas Kumar Maiti's profile is posted.
2011/12/13 Release of new CMC Standard version for HiSIM2 (HiSIM2.6.0).
2011/11/10 Offer for Post-Doctoral Research Position is posted.
2011/10/28 Release of new CMC Standard version for HiSIM-HV (HiSIM_HV2.0.0). 
2011/10/21 Application Information for PhD-Student Scholarships is posted.
2011/04/12 First CMC Standard version of HiSIM2 (HiSIM2.5.1) is released.
2011/04/05 Major website update.

Main Links
Ultra-Small Devices Engineering Laboratory 
(Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University) 
(Open Source Circuit Simulator with latest Versions of HiSIM-HV and HiSIM2 implemented)


 Authors: Mitiko Miura-Mattausch, Hans Jürgen Mattausch, Tatsuya Ezaki

 Title: "The Physics and Modeling of MOSFETS: Surface-Potential and Modeling HiSIM"

 Publisher: World Scientific Pub Co Inc. (2008)